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Let me introduce you
To a passionate camera who
Started a journey through the world and life,
Showing the best moments to you in frames on the wall.

By Zsolt Stenger

Few of my favorite images

It was raining and I was 100% sure I cannot capture this photograph this time which was in my mind for so long.

But I decided to give it a try and started to figure out the best settings.

I took a few good one but I wasn't satisfied at all with the results and the train almost reached the next stop.

Suddenly I heard the train coming on the opposite track so without thinking a second I took the last picture.

Exactly as I imagined.

Always take that last picture.
You will never know.

Maybe you have the most boring every day job on the planet what you don't even like at all.

But hey!

The way you approach it can make the difference.


Enjoy that boredom beacuse some not even have that in their life.

You might make someone's day a little bit better with it.

Keep smiling.

A simple nice day in the bay area.

I just wanted to take a simple picture from this red lighthouse with the wavebreakers in the fore and the mountains in the background.

But then there was this man walking into my frame ruining my first few shot I thought.

Of course then I took the pictures I wanted to take on that day.

But then I realized
I liked the one with this man way more than the one I wanted to take.
He gives a bit of character to this image I would say.

The face behind all. The art of photography. Steel wool photography at night

The face behind everything.
The art of photography.

There is no good or bad photography.
Everyone has her/his own style and taste.
Siri showed me even I have my own.
Last but not least,
I love it.

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