Aqaba and the border

After we reunited in a hostel called Hakaia Home we had an amazing dinner what was so tasty and ate so much. We were more than 18 people around the table. It was served free every dinner like the breakfast. Even we had a friend in a different hostel and we asked the owner if he is able to come over how much it would be for him. He said call him to join us! It’s free!
What a man!
Many people from different countries, different jobs and different life but we were one that night next to the table.
Different but the same.
Like Riccardo said, You have to find what you love to do with passion and with your heart otherwise you will never be truly happy in your life.
After two days in Aqaba we took a taxi (what the owner got us for half price!) with Peter to the Jordan-Israel border.
There was so much checkpoint and on our mid way between those points where we were walking from on building to the another there was a soldier standing with one cleaning guy on each side and I didn’t paid to much attention (thought there is 3 cleaning guy) and right after I passed by I heard a shout from behind
“Hey sir!” and asked me “Are you alright?” so in a totally surprised state I answered “Uhm yes of course!? Why?”
“Passport please!”
Peter was almost dead behind me from laughing so hard.
Well, that was an interesting border crossing.

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