Back to the winter

I have spent my last day in Marrakech walking around the city, exploring what I haven’t seen before, taking a few more photographs I wanted to capture, and once more eating tasty local food from a random food stall on the street. When the time came I walked out to the airport. I really liked the architecture of the Marrakech airport so I stopped even outside to take more pictures from the building itself as well before heading inside to check-in at the desk and after waiting for a while I boarded my flight back home.

To the winter.

Nothing was the same anymore. Ending the past year and starting the new one with this short trip changed me even more. I woke up. From now on I knew what I started to walk a new path. A way different one I used to walk on before.

I started to realize I feel alive when I’m on the road without plans, meeting new people, live, collect and hear new stories, explore more places, and have more friends from all over the world.

I went back to work next Monday. My mind was constantly running on where should I go next.

I was talking with Guilia even after we went back home. One day She told me about one of her next plan and made me think.

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