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Best free and paid observatory photo spots in Tokyo

I’ll share with you the best spots for night/day views for photography in Tokyo.

For the less patient, I made a map with all the locations at the end of this post, you are welcome! ūüôā


1, Roppongi Hills Observatory “Tokyo City View”

Tokyo City View on the 46th floor of Roppongi Hills. It is one of the most popular night view shooting spots in Tokyo where you can see Tokyo Tower up close.

2, Fuji TV Sphere Observation Room “Hachitama”

Sphere observation room “Hachitama” on the 25th floor of the Fuji Television Headquarters. This is a shooting spot where you can take beautiful pictures of the Rainbow Bridge. Since the business hours are until 18:00, the night view can be taken only during the winter season.

The Rainbow Bridge is usually lit up in white color, but it is illuminated by the rainbow color only during the Christmas season every year, so it is an observatory that you definitely want to visit in winter.

3, World Trade Center Building “Seaside Top”

An observatory of the World Trade Center Building where you can take a close-up view of Tokyo Tower. The night view of the golden hour is very beautiful as the sun sets behind Tokyo Tower.

Currently, redevelopment is progressing, and the building was built in front of the World Trade Center building, and the landscape has been slightly spoiled, but it is still a recommended observatory.

4, Shibuya Scramble Square / Shibuya Sky

The observation facility “Shibuya Sky” on the 45th to 47th floors of Shibuya Scramble Square, which opened in November 2019.¬†You can enjoy the 360-degree night view of Tokyo, but we recommend the south and east directions.

5, Tokyo Tower Observatory

The observatory of Tokyo Tower, which consists of a large observatory 150m above the ground and a special observatory 250m above the ground. An additional 600 yen will be required for the special observatory.
It is a popular observatory overlooking famous places such as Roppongi Hills and Rainbow Bridge.

6, Tokyo Sky Tree Tenbo Deck

Tokyo Sky Tree Tenbo Deck 350m above the ground.¬†Large glass over 5m is arranged at 360 degrees, and you can take a powerful night view.¬†A tripod is also available, but it’s so crowded that it might take some courage to take it out…

7, Sunshine City 60

An observatory on the 60th floor of Sunshine Ikebukuro. You can take pictures of the Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower in the east, and the Shinjuku skyscrapers in the south.

8, Telecom Center Observatory

The observatory of the Odaiba Telecom Center, which has been selected as a night view heritage site.¬†It is an observatory with a beautiful night view of Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge.¬†It’s not so crowded even on holidays, so you can enjoy shooting slowly.


“CROSSING VIEW” of MAGNET by SHIBUYA109, which allows you to take a bird’s-eye view of the Shibuya Scramble intersection, which is popular with foreign tourists.¬†The sight of many people crossing an intersection is a masterpiece.


10, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory

An observatory on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which has been selected as one of the 100 best night views. You can take a night view unique to Tokyo where skyscrapers are lined up. There are two locations, the South Observatory and the North Observatory, but if you are going to shoot, the South Observatory is recommended because the lighting in the room is dim and you can see the direction of Odaiba.

11, Yebisu Garden Place Sky Garden

The free observatory “Sky Lounge” on the 38th and 39th floors of Yebisu Garden Place.¬†You can enjoy shooting the Tokyo Tower and skyscrapers at the observatory overlooking the Minato Ward area.

12, JP Tower KITTE Roof Garden “KITTE Garden”

JP Tower KITTE roof garden “KITTE Garden” is famous as a shooting spot for the Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building.¬†With an ultra-wide-angle lens, it is possible to take powerful pictures of brick station buildings and skyscrapers in Otemachi.

13, Tower Hall Funabori

A double-decker observation room in Tower Hall Funabori. In the case of shooting, you will receive a shooting permit at the counter and will be guided to the lower floors.

14, Skytree East Tower 30F Observatory

A lesser known observatory spot on the 30th floor of the Skytree East Tower.

15, Bunkyo Civic Center Observation Lounge

Observation lounge on the 25th floor of Bunkyo Civic Center. If you visit when the weather is clear and clear, you can take a picture of the composition of the skyscrapers in Shinjuku and Mt. Fuji.

16, Caretta Shiodome “SKY VIEW”

The observation lounge “SKY VIEW” is on the 46th floor of Caretta Shiodome.¬†The night view of Odaiba, Tsukiji Market, and Harumi Triton Square, where you can see the Rainbow Bridge and the Yurikamome Line, are attractive.

17, Tokyu Plaza Ginza Rooftop Observatory “Kiriko Terrace”

The rooftop observatory “Kiriko Terrace” on the 11th floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza.¬†It is a unique observatory where you can dynamically photograph the light trails of cars passing through the Sukiyabashi intersection.

18, Odakyu Department Store 12th floor observation floor

The observation floor on the 12th floor of Odakyu Department Store, a department store directly connected to Shinjuku Station. You can take pictures of Tokyo Mode Gakuen, which has beautiful curves, the bus stop at Shinjuku Station, and skyscrapers.

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