There was a sunny spring day back then when I saw the ad.

Linkin Park is finally coming to Hungary. But. I decided to skip it because I had to work.

-You need to know I love their music since I was a little child and my friend showed me his new music album called Meteora. Those songs pushed me tough hard times and gave me strength. I wanted to be there. In a concert and sing with the crowd.

Feel it in live.-

I said I’ll be there on their next concert. But little me did I know this was my only and last chance to see and hear them.

A bit later after the VOLT festival I heard something at work in the radio “Chester Bennington committed suicide”. I couldn’t believe it is this really happening?

It must be fake news. It wasn’t.

I felt so terrible and broken in the next weeks and still when I’m thinking about this. I’ll never have a chance again to hear them in live. I made the wrong choice. I was an idiot.

When you have a chance to do something what you really want to do, do it whatever it takes. Maybe that’s your last chance who knows?