Cairo, the capital of Egypt – The most photogenic view to photograph the Pyramids of Giza

After arriving around 10 pm we realized our hostel is still more 12 km away from us so we took an uber. Wasn’t that easy of course.
When we arrived and filled the check in documents they said it’s all good but our hostel is more ->5 minutes away by walking<- because they have 2 place with nearly the same name. He said he will take us there.
Outside he took out from the shadow a small rickety tuk tuk and started the engine successfully after 5 minutes. It was funny with all our backpacks. The way there to the other place was like more than 10 minute ride through small alleys, horses and so on but we finally arrived. The guy showed us around and then he said let’s go to the rooftop!
We already know what’s waiting for us up there but when we saw the view directly to the pyramids.. it was amazing even at night.
At the morning we started early to avoid most of the tourists at the Pyramids and walked the whole place around for the best views. This place is huge too and the Pyramids are incredible in every moment whenever you see them. I always wondering how did they built them back then.
At the afternoon we took an uber to the Egyptian Museum. This place is so big, really it is. You can spend there like a whole day. The best room is of course Tutanhamon’s room but the whole museum is interesting and breathtaking with a lot of information!
After an active day when you spent your time by exploring the city what can be better than take a sandwich break in your hostel on the rooftop and enjoy the view to the Pyramids?
Next day we were visiting the biggest open market, the endless Khal el Khalili market but sadly wasn’t open everything on that day but still was a good experience and a local market feeling on the small streets. After the market we were just walking and exploring the city without plans and took a seat at the shores of the Nile near the sunset where 2 friend of Gaby from Israel just found us and we had a nice talk and shared some ideas.
Later on we took a bus from Cairo to Hurghada. It was half failure time again.

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