Exploring Luxor

The time we arrived we went straight to the Luxor temple. What can I say already at the entrance we had a great laugh after the checkpoint. The guard said I have to gave my tripod to them so I’m not able to take pictures (we had normal tickets) so I left my tripod there and used the camera all around of course. It is an amazing place like nearly everything in Egypt.
After we explored the temple we took a ferry to the other side of the Nile and walked about 5 minutes to our next hostel which one was also a great upper room with a view to the Nile. Before night we were looking for food market around the half city until we found it finally and we got some peaches and a big watermelon and headed back to the hostel with the ferry. We ate a good pizza right next to our hostel but when we arrived back I still ate nearly half of the watermelon what was almost 4 kg but so tasty!
At night we had to think about our next moves because we didn’t had so much time left.
We made our craziest plan which was going to Abu Simbel on the next day from Luxor and back! Just sayin more than 1000km within less than a day. did we lose our minds? Maybe.

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