Find the bus

It was New Year’s Eve. I enjoyed the night on the rooftop for a while. Lots of people were smoking weed and drinking around but soon most of them left to party more so I headed to my room and tried to take a short sleep because I had to wake up really early. Basically, I had about 2 hours of sleep before I woke up to my alarm. I don’t have to say that wasn’t enough I guess. Anyway, I packed everything silently because I saw some of my new friends got back already and sleeping.

It was still dark in the morning when I left. The only problem was the hostel is in a place which is quite a labyrinth. I was trying to get to my pickup point in time which wasn’t so far but I got lost at least 3 times before someone could lead me in the right direction after they asked for some money of course… I didn’t really feel safe that morning to say no and just go along by myself or arguing with them and risking that I miss the bus so I gave them a little tip.
Soon after this uncomfortable experience I found my way out to the main road finally and speed up my walk so I reach the meeting point in time.

After all, I arrived exactly in time a few minutes before the pickup time but the bus was nowhere near so I had a bit of time to calm down my breath. A little while later our minibus arrived and our journey began straight to the Sahara!

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