From winter to “summer”

It has been a long time since I wanted to spend my birthday and new year’s eve in a memorable place doing something crazy. Still, I spent most of them at home or with friends and classmates drinking stupidly until the morning then being dead for two days straight.

It was time for a change.

It was a few weeks before the end of the year and finally, I decided not to sit at home or just go to a stupid party which I always found boring and started to look for tickets to a bit warmer place.

I had a lot of destinations set up on watch to track the prices.
One morning at work we just loaded the furniture we previously made on the truck. Then we jumped into the car and headed to the customer.

On the way to the address, I’ve got an email notification on price drops for a destination. I opened it in a rush, where is it? It was Marrakech, Morocco.

I went for it and booked the tickets right away. I was on the plane a few days before new years eve to the unknown once again. It wasn’t a long ride everything went well but already at the start, there was a big journey because as soon as I got out of the airport something unexpected happened.

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