Get the hell out of here

After I managed to buy and activate a local SIM card I headed out of the airport and started to walk towards the city center. On my way I was trying to get in touch with my couchsurfig host for that night.
But after he managed to answer which was “I forgot about it and it’s not good now”. I texted him even the day before and when my flight from home to make it sure. Looks like that still wasn’t enough.
This is how I ended up in Marrakech at 10 pm looking for a place to sleep and after all I ended up in a hostel rooftop playing card games with a bunch of stranger at almost midnight. It was a good end of the day at least.
The next day I left the hostel and started exploring the city itself but I found it too crowded at that day so I started to look and thinking about buses to anywhere. I picked the small city Essaouira at the sea and hopped on the bus. Here the street vendors selling exactly everything still following you and even hop on the bus until it’s about to leave.
Not so long after we left from the station I’ve got a message on couchsurfing from two Canadian if I want to meet up with them in Essaouira. Such a coincidence right? So since I had no place to sleep yet I booked the nights at the hostel where they were staying and we were spending the days together exploring the place and enjoy the calm city. Except the market street because that was quite busy but a LOT of tasty food everywhere!
It was quite fun this random meet up and exploration and after those days we headed back to Marrakech together for the new years eve.

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