Going home

After a short sleep I was already up early because it was my last day on the road and I headed back home. I took my tickets said bye to Gaby and got on the bus which one is headed back to Hurghada.
Since I spent my last cash on the bus tickets I had nothing on me to get a bus to the airport so I decided to take out some money but of course the ATM’s didn’t worked again so I had to take a two km walk to the airport where the guards looked at me like I’m a completely idiot walking in the dark at 11 pm to the airport but after looking at my passport for ten minutes they let me in.
At the airport during the checks they took all of my small screw driver I was flying in the past years because safety reasons. At the end I got on my flight at 1 am and I was on the way to Istanbul to catch my next flight.
In Istanbul I had a few hours layover between the flights so I decided to grab a coffee and some snack just to stay awake until I board my next flight. Finally I was at home.

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