Hiking on Mt. Rokko

With Steven we went on hiking journey again. This time we took a train to Kobe and started the hike as soon as we got out of the train.
This hike was harder than Ikoma. Here at least half of the way was rock climbing but the view was really nice even during the hike.
At some point we didn’t even realized but we took a right turn instead of left so we managed to go on an old trail with big grass and a little snow. Steven was sliding down again of course without proper shoes and he almost fell in the snow and off the cliff a few times during the hike. We took the longer and not used way but at the end we reached the top of the mountain. From there you have a really good view around, Kobe and a bit of Osaka too but I think Ikoma is way better compared to Rokko.
The way down was a bit faster but we almost got lost once during the rock climbing part and we got back to the city when the sun went down and took a train back to Osaka.

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