My way to Japan

It was Sunday morning 6 am. I wasn’t able to sleep the night before. I checked my bags, think if I forgot something and after a fast breakfast threw my bags into the car. I said goodbye to my parents at the train station and ride the train 2 hours to Budapest once again.
It took me an hour to get to the airport then I checked in and soon boarded my first flight to Moscow. We were in air pretty fast and on the way to Russia. There is no way back. What surprised me is that we had food and drinks served for free even during this short flight.
After 2,5 hour flight I arrived to Moscow. I had 4 hours before my next flight to Narita airport so I explored the airport while I walked to the gate where I had to board my next plane. The flight was around 9,5 hours and a bit exhausting but we got served food and drinks twice (the wine was really bad though). I still wasn’t able to sleep so I listened some music, read my book and enjoyed the view instead .
Finally we arrived to Narita airport around 11 am on Monday. This was the point when I started to realize what just happened. I moved to Japan.
First I walked to the immigration window where I got my stamps and papers into my passport and I also received my zaryiu card. After this I picked up the bags and my mobile wifi then took a short nap on one of the benches looking for the best way to get to Tokyo.
Of course the cheapest option was taking the local train so I bought my Pasmo card and took a train to Shibuya station but I had to change once. Well for the first time it was completely chaos. At Shibuya it took me 1 hour to get out and find the bus station where I had to wait a few hours before my night bus to Osaka.
The ride to Osaka was terrible with so many stops I still wasn’t able to sleep..When we finally arrived to Osaka at 8 am I took a break and drunk a tee. After that I walked an hour until my first workaway hostel where the first thing to do was to take a shower and sleep.
Well it was a good plan but I slept only 2 hours and woke up maybe at 10 am. After this I started with a coffee and took a walk in the city to see where did I exactly just moved.

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