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Nara and Mt. Ikoma

From Osaka we took a train with Ezra and Steven to Nara city which is famous from the lots of deer’s wandering around the big park and sometimes even in the city. The park is huge with a lot of old buildings, temple and more deer.
There are some people you can by from snacks what you can give to the deer after he performed the bow. I can say that they are really clever animals. They even learned that when the light is red at the crossing then they have to wait until it’s become green and then it’s safe to cross the road. We spent here a few hours exploring the park and just watching the deer.
At the afternoon we had a short train ride and then we took a cable car up to the mountain and we walked more one hour to the view point on Mt. Ikoma. I can say that this is the best view over Osaka.
We were hesitating because the last cable car is going down at 6 pm but the sunset was from 6:30 pm so at the end we decided to stay and watch the sunset. Well this was a worthy decision what we made. It was absolutely beautiful! After the sun went down we started to walk and climb down in dark without proper shoes on Steven on the slippery trail because the day before it was raining. That was a fun hike down from the mountain, oh well not for everyone, right Steven?
When we reached the bottom of the mountain we jumped on the next train back to the hostel, we made it in one piece!

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