Petra and Wadi Rum – Photographing in the world of sand and rocks

So after I missed the only one bus to Petra because there were no more seats I found Sean who had the same lucky day as me. We took an uber to the south bus station in Amman and starting to look for a minibus which one is going to Petra .
I’ts should be leave at 7 am on paper but there was not a single soul around so we were waiting 30 minutes when the bus finally arrived bringing the next surprise with it! The thing about local buses they are no leaving until they are full.
After more than 2,5 hours waiting for people to come and finally leave. The way took around 4 hour to Wadi Musa in a fully packed minibus. I mean seriously. Full.
At the first night I went to the night show in Petra and it was amazing to see the main Treasury building at night before the daylight visit.
I had only one day ticket so next day I was there already before 6 am and leaving after walking, climbing within Petra more than 35 km in 40+ degree. It was crazy and I was really exhausted after so it was time to take some great food for dinner at hostel and meet a few new friend like Cris and Riccardo who has some great experience and not last traveling with his bike .
The next day it was time to move on again. This time to Wadi Rum. With a.. minibus of course!
The day before I heard Cris talking about that he is going there tomorrow so I just decided to join!

At early morning we went to the “bus station” in Wadi Musa to get in of course the only one minibus to Wadi Rum but they told us we need a reservation for seats and it’s full (the bus wasn’t even there yet).
So we decided to wait and it was our lucky day with Cris because they had more two free seats but I had to accept their tour to Wadi Rum because without tour there is also no seats (Cris already had one different booked) so I said yes, let’s move!
Already on the bus I found a new friend Peter, a big talker. He had a different camp too so when we arrived we moved to 3 different places.
I was sitting in a room alone with our guide for an hour because we were early before the other 2 Michiko and Simona arrived and we started our journey deep into the desert.
In Wadi Rum driving around with a 4×4 car between different spots like bridge’s, big sand dunes and canyons for hours was stunning. The view was so red, unreal like a different planet but and beautiful in every direction. I had a great company and we were even “stole” the guide from the other group because they were too boring for him! Poor guys!
At the afternoon we found a great spot and climbed up on the rocks for the sunset where two more guy joined us, Simon and Iker. After the sunset we had a tasty dinner which one was cooked under the hot sand by our guide and we ate everything, oh my gosh it was so great!
At late night we walked out from the camp and between so many laughs I managed to take some nice night sky photos but only with 3 of us because the others were sleeping already after dinner.
At the morning we had a great drive back to the village where we changed contacts and said goodbye to each other. A bit later I’ve met with Chris in the village but Peter was a bit late (as it’s turned out he left earlier) and joined us later on in Aqaba

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