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Photographing the train crossings of Kyoto

In Kyoto, we always had ideas where we should go next taking pictures on the exact spots, or we were just walking around the city with the exact idea in our mind and we were just looking for the perfect spot for the shot.

So like this happened one night I asked Massimo if he wants to go out to try our luck and soon after we headed to looking for the best train crossings in the city where we could do neat long exposure pictures even though the weather was really cold during the night.

Massimo had a few spot ideas in his head, what he saw a few days before so we headed to those ones to check them out. Most of them turned out pretty good and we spent a lot of time at each spot.

We literally spent hours taking the pictures and at the end, it came out better than we expected so before we headed back to the hostel we finished the day with a seriously hot takoyaki and when I say hot I really mean it! My tongue got burned already with the first one lol.

I can say my ideas usually turning out really good but there are times where it just simply doesn’t work at all. Don’t be disappointed, can’t be everything perfect!

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