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Photographing the streets of Tokyo

Taking photographs of the nightlife in Tokyo is a photographer’s dream.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so because of the restrictions. Almost everything closed way too early to do any proper nightlife photography in the city.

Don’t be confused, Tokyo isn’t only about nightlife. I loved to do simple street and architecture photography as well. The city is so big you will never realize how much did you walk until you feel the pain or check on your phone/watch. Trust me. Within 22 days I walked and climbed over 240 km.

Did I get bored? No way, in fact, I loved it. I could do it for months if not years. It’s always changing and every time there is something new. So many things to see and to try.

Creativity is never an issue in Tokyo. Usually, there are always new ideas at every corner. At least for me, this is the case.

People in Japan and in this case in Tokyo, mostly don’t care if you took a photo from them, and even if they do, they would never ask you not to 99,9% of the case. Some of them will even throw a pose!

I fell in love with the simplicity of the planning part because there was always something to shoot but still, you had to think how is the best way to show it to others through a still image.

As one of my pictures shows Tokyo is like traveling through space and time. One side is the old buildings and the other side is the modern side well mixed up through the city. For example, being in the old, preserved postmaster’s office next to Tokyo station looking out on the window to the modern cityscape behind the station.

For sure I have an unfinished business with nightlife photography in Tokyo, but next time!

In one of the coming posts, I’ll make a guide, for a few lesser-known spots to have some fun shooting outside of the popular spots.

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