Someone is following me

I was walking around Tennoji temple I think for the 4th time, now to take a few pictures.
I had a strange feeling that someone is following me which was quiet true though.
In the meanwhile I realized that I forgot my wallet and passport at my place so I decided to go back and get them.
Right before I was planning to walk back to home he was running to me asking about my flags on my backpack and where I’m from.
He instantly said “Üdvözöllek!” which means welcome. I was totally surprised.
He was an old Japanese man who used to come to Tennoji once in a month with a hobby learning a few words from every stranger on their language and write them down so next time he can use it when there is someone from the same country.
I taught him a few new words and the same goes back. We had a nice talk even with his little English knowledge.
He even gave me his old traditional wooden fan with his name on it.
I took a few pictures from this man too, gave him my address and we agreed he will write to me back home and after I’ll send the picture to him what I took on that day at Tennoji temple.

See you later Kazaki-san!

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