Spontaneous climbing trip to Slovenia where I had to stop photographing

One of the day after work I saw a post on Facebook about climbing Mt. Triglav in Slovakia. They were looking for more people. I haven’t been on a serious mountain before so I sent a message on the same night and I joined to the team. We had people from all over the country somewhere around 10.
I took the Friday off. On Thursday after work I drove home fast, took a shower, pack my bag and left for the bus which one took me to Keszthely city 50km from us. I had a small sleep and we started our way from here towards to Slovakia.
We arrived to the parking slot at 2 pm on Friday and after a short hesitation because of the clouds we started the hike towards our safe house for the night. After half an hour easy walk the climbing started and two hours later we had a huge rain. Everyone was soaking wet from the rain until we reached the house and really happy to eat hot food and have a good sleep.
At the early morning we realized that all of our shoes is still totally wet so two of us decided to try out a new “life hack” and get a plastic bag on our feet after the socks before the shoes and go like that until its will be dry. We were really surprised because after one hour they were already dry so could take off the plastic bags. It was an interesting experience.
We continued the hike towards the summit for hours which was a bit hard. In some areas there was still snow so I used to cool my head down a bit and we started to play throwing snowballs to each other. It was good to take a small and cold break.
When we reached the last part of the climb where it’s got really hard, the last 700 meters. I was already exhausted but I had my “If I’m here I’ll finish it” mindset so I kept climbing up on the mountain with small breaks.
It was late afternoon when we reached the summit finally at 2868 meters. A beautiful view in 360 degrees as long as you can see. There was two man who used to climb up with a lots of beer just to sell it to the climbers on crazy price. That’s an interesting hobby.
We had to hurry because it was already late afternoon and we wanted to reach the next safe house before it gets dark. So we started our way back down from the top of the mountain. Not so long after we almost got lost but we found our saviour a big penis formed from small rocks on the side of the mountain what we saw on the way up so we knew that we are on the right way! Funny way to get the right direction!
The sky was almost dark when we reached the next safe house in a valley where we also found signs made from small rocks. They said “SEND NUDES”. Hilarious. Where we were sleeping was a huge room but with full of mattresses next to each other. I almost fell to sleep instantly I was so tired. The next morning I had crawl out of my bed and take two painkiller before we continued the hike down to the parking slot next to the lake.
It was a hike mostly next to a river with clear blue water which was really nice. We arrived back to the lake next to the parking slot almost 2 days later after the start where we ate some tasty fish
We were driving fast on the way back to Keszthely, I had a Bla Bla car waiting for me which nearly left when I got there. They were really nice and dropped me off a nearby city which was 12 km from my home town. But at that time there were no cars, no trains and not even cars on the road at 11 pm Sunday night so I started to walk back home.
It was around 2 am when I arrived finally. I took a shower, ate something and just jumped into my bed.
The next thing was terrible. I forgot to turn off my alarm for work (we had the week off) and it’s went on at 5 am after 2 hour sleep. I sat up in my bed but I wasn’t able to do more I was so exhausted so I was just listening to my alarm for a while.
At all within the two days we climbed 70 km with nearly 6000 m level difference and after that I walked more 12 km to home.
But it was my first climb and I did it against all odds so that’s fair enough.

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