The journey begun: Osaka

After the jet lag messed me up I got back my normal sleeping time after a few days. The hostel located in a really good place not so far from the city centre and near the bigger and cheaper shops. It’s five minute walk to Tennoji temple which is one of the coolest temple in Osaka in my opinion. There is also some water where a lot of turtle lives. In the big “empty” area used to be a flea market every month what I missed sadly because of covid19. The work was easy and not so much in the hostel because of the lack of guests but the good thing is, during the reception shifts you were able to do your own things like editing, learning, planning the next day or just watch movies etc.
One of the first thing you need to do after arriving with working holiday visa is going to the closest ward office register your address and join to the healthcare system though you can choose not to pay. First time we went to the office it took us 2-3 hours until we finished with all the papers and got printed our address the back of the residence card. If you are going to pay the healthcare bills then you will receive them via mail and you can pay them at any combini.
We had parties every week at least 2 or 3 times and we used to go out to eat something really often. We also walked countless times long distances between 10-30km a day to visit places or just pointless wandering around.
The manager Steve is a cool guy and up for everything. I liked to listen his guitar or piano play at early mornings or whenever he played. During my time I also fixed a few things in the hostel like broken drawers or a smashed electricity plug.

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