The journey to Abu Simbel aka how far would you go to take a photo?

We left Luxor in the really early morning by a local train to Aswan. I was eating the rest of the watermelon in the open door of the train while enjoying the view.
We arrived around 11 am so we were in hurry and we had to take a taxi to the minibus station. Where we got a guy who didn’t want to leave us and just kept telling things about their tours tomorrow but after we told him like 20 times we have to go today finally left us.. But we had another one who doesn’t spoke English (none of them anyway) after 1,5 hour negotiate so much hesitating and thinking we decided to go and we are not going back from here!
We were 2 in the car for like 30 seconds until every local just jumped in and a few soldiers too but none spoke English. That way wasn’t so long (it was) but in the no mans land. Nothing in sight in every direction. We stopped only once on the way but that was needed.
When we got there thankfully we still had 40 minutes before the site closed but that was enough. There wasn’t a single tourist or travellers outside of us only a small silent group. The temples are amazing both outside and inside. Everything is still in a good condition there!
Before we went inside our driver left us and went to take some fuel with our backpacks. When we were already outside he was nowhere but he showed up after a few minutes and started driving us mad.
He wanted us to pay more (we already paid for both way what we agreed before what was a stupid move). And he wanted so much for the way back we negotiated for more than 40 minutes until we got a still high for them but low and “good” price for us and we were on our way back to Aswan finally.
In Aswan we were so lucky. We had more nearly 10 minutes before the last train leaves to Luxor so we got there just in time.
On the way back we tried to book something for the last night but there was nothing open at our arrival time somewhere 1 am so when we got back we decided to knock hard on the door at the closest hostel to the station and we won, got a room!
That was a really long day with more than 1000 km in that really hot weather.
We deserved a few hours of sleep.

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