The messy border crossing to Egypt

At the morning we started our journey with a bus to the border and cross it at Taba.
But. There was a few problem like we forgot to get dollars for visa and the paper for the visa request from the embassy too so we had to pay at the border more 800 Egyptian pound over the visa (which one was the same price) per person. That wasn’t so nice at all.
After we crossed the border successfully we’ve got a new problem:
No buses today from the border.. We had to wait on a checkpoint for a taxi or minibus and we got the second one so we were on our way to Nuweibaa! Yaaay!
After a while we arrived to a place where the other passengers left and we showed to our driver where is our place ad he said “Oooo it’s just on the other side of the fence! Let’s go!
Would be funny to go straight to the center of Nuweibaa because this place is 20 km before the main city so we were there!
Of course none is spoke English at our place and we got our own bungalows 15-20 meters from the sea!
It was a beautiful place, good beach and warm water. The most important thing is there were like none outside of us. The whole place was ours only a few local kids were swimming around. It was a perfect chilly day after all.
Late night I figured out that I had a new roommate called CRAB. It was the beginning if a new friendship. But after a few try I managed to take and escort him back to the beach and in my bed!
At the morning we had some good breakfast, gaming time (I won finally hahahah!) and a few new problems like still no buses god knows why. We wanted to go to Dahab on that day.

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