The most random trip to Bratislava

Giulia plan was to going to Bratislava on one of the weekend in January and asked me if I would like to go. I checked my options to going there and a few days later decided to go because wine not?
So I took two bus on my way to Bratislava where we were exploring the city together during the day by walking a LOT, haha.( If you read it Giulia, sorry again! :)) It is a nice place with quite a few things to see.
We were really enjoying this short trip even though it was a bit cold, but at the end we found a hot winery right next to our hostel called Wine not? So we jumped in to drink a few glass hot wine and have a nice talk before we leave back on our own way because wine not?
She made the voice inside me even more stronger. If that is what I love and enjoy to do I should go for it and stop wasting the time with too much thinking. I miss the time with her, I really enjoyed those talks about everything and made my mind more open.
If you have a dream you should go for it
Because wine not?

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