The unplanned stay in Israel

After I crossed the Jordan-Israel border with Peter my plan was going straight to Egypt but we ended up in a good hostel again with some great person like Gaby and Ruben. I had a Ramsey Gordon cooking show with Gaby and Peter making some eggs with onion for lunch ( “That two things together? I didn’t know that it’s could work..” said by Peter) surprise it does! For lunch we made pasta with a great tomato sauce and cheese. It was good enough, since we survived!
Late afternoon we took some beers and headed down to the beach and we had great talks there.
At the hostel was a man who lost his crew when a bomb exploded under his tank a long time ago and he is living now in that hostel. Not last his father was from Hungary like me. Weird coincidences along the way. This man is still positive and happy to being alive!
At night I learned a few new games from the guys but I was seriously bad in them at the first attempts but not anymore hahh!
Gaby wanted to go to Egypt but not alone so when she heard I’m going to Egypt next morning she decided to came with me and not going to Jordan. It was the beginning of one big journey!

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