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Bike tour to Saka from Hiroshima with bridge photography at night

Saka is one of the best place to enjoy the sandy beaches and sounds of the waves during the night or daytime in the summer season while roasting yourself under the sun close to Hiroshima. If this fits you I recommend to try this place at least once during our stay.

Though this spot way more far than Ujina island in Hiroshima but the beach and the water usually are way more cleaner than the latter.

With bikes it took us between two and three hours to get to the beach but before that spot we stopped quiet a few times. For example shopping at LAMU, one of the cheapest supermarket around. Oh that kiwi ice cream .. still missing it!

If you are not that fit or just simply short on time / lazy then you still can take a walk / street car to the Hiroshima station and from there you need to take the train towards Kure and jump off from the train at Mizushiri station and from there you need to walk around 5-10 minutes to the beach.

There are many great view points on the way at least if you are going by bike (basically from almost all the bridges you need to cross) but one of the best is after sunset from the Kirari Sakanagisa Park to the Kaitao bridge. The lights and reflections are amazing!

Even a lot of people were fishing there still at night but that is not a problem! One of them was a young girl catching a small fish in almost every five minutes while the elderly were just watching what is happening.

The beach itself really nice sandy and clear, you also have a few toilets nearby in a good condition so you have everything. All you need now is your beach suit plus one towel and you are ready to go tooo thee beaaach! 🙂

Though when we were there the weather was a bit cold during the night but it was still enjoyable to place the tent close to the water and sleep in it under the sky. Waking up by the sound of the water splashing on the beach is another plus point for me.

Though we still had to bike back to the hostel it was a great trip and exhausting too!

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