First days in Jordan

It was a sunny day when I arrived to Amman and I already at the airport had weird moments to find the bus which one is going to the city because timetables in Jordan just legends what you can hear but never see.
On the first day I met with my first Couchsurfing host there, Robert.
He is such an amazing and talented guy with a 11/10 apartman and the view is great from there! He showed me around, the new modern part of the city and the old one with the best places.
It’s happened I had no idea about that I’m coming during Ramadan when you are should’t even drink outside before sunset. Following this we ate when and where the locals. It was so good and tasty food. Robert helped me with everything is possible so thank you man for all of it once again!
The next day I went to the Dead Sea near Amman. The experience when you float in the extremely salty water is definitely worth it but no more than a half or one day trip. Also it is beautiful, the salt all over on the beaches.
One the next day I planned to go to Petra with the only one big bus at 6:30 am.. It wasn’t that simple.

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