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Hiroshima travel guide

You could ask what should I see in the city of Hiroshima?
Since many of the people say it’s a one-day visit city at max but they couldn’t be more wrong about it.

A few everywhere seen before places:

A-bomb dome
Originally the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, and now commonly called the Genbaku Dome, Atomic Bomb Dome, or A-Bomb Dome. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

The reflection of the past. A-bomb dome in Hiroshima with the perfect reflection

Peace park
Full of historical marks, a great view of the dome, and the air filled with calmness and peace. At least for me. I’ve been sitting on those benches countless times and still, feels like I just blinked twice and we parted our ways.

The museum in the Peace park
The peace museum will show you a precise and detailed view of what happened at the time when the bomb was dropped and after the city completely vanished.

Itsukushima or in other names Miyajima island
This island is mainly known by its gate called Itsukushima Shrine but there is a lot of interesting spot in the town around as well, like a baking shop, where you can see all the process with the machines through the shop window and so on. There is a good hike to the top of the mountain too with a 360-degree view around the island.

Kintai bridge
It’s a historical wooden arch bridge, in the city of Iwakuni, in Yamaguchi Prefecture close to Hiroshima (about 30km). The pedestrian bridge was built in 1673 from 100% wood. Definitely a unique bridge. The park next to it is also beautiful and from the castle up on the hill, you can have a great view over them.

wooden Kintai bridge in Iwakuni

Hiroshima castle
Another castle, a bit different like all of the castles but nothing special outside a few good spots to chill under the trees, close to the water in my opinion. 🙂

Hiroshima castle and its reflection in the water during world autism day

Some lesser-known places:

All around the city you can find small memorials with descriptions like this tree survived the bombing or here was the temporary hospital etc. There are lots of them. Worth searching and reading at least a few of them to know more about the darkest days of the city. Happy hunting!

Mitakidera temple
Pretty cool temple with a bunch of interesting things around on the hill just outside of the city. This place is really moody too. I’ve been there at least 12 times during my stay and every time learned something new.

Japanese fish pond at a temple in Hiroshima

The best view over Hiroshima
There is a trail at the end of Mitakidera temple which leads to the top of the mountain with the best view above the city. Gotta be careful because it isn’t a well-maintained road and really steepy at many points. The hike takes about 1 hour to the top but depending on your speed it could be faster or slower.

How to crush a drone part one

Peace pagoda
This is another viewpoint over the city for the second place in my opinion. Pretty close to the station with a really nice uphill road.

Ujina beach
Really nice sandy beach to relax, close to the center but often the water is really dirty because of the harbor.

A man walking on the wavebreakers in the foreground in front of a red lighthouse

This is another hill but this one is in the middle of the city with an almost 360 view around. Awesome spot for the night or sunrise/sunset.

Irori Sanzoku
A nice old, Japanese-style restaurant located in the mountains of Yamaguchi prefecture with a really tasty and delicious menu! Totally recommended!

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