How are we going to Dahab now??

We started to walk to the only road from the beach but at the checkpoint, halfway between our camp and the road some police man with a prisoner transportation car just stopped us. One of them held out his hand through the window and I shook his hand with reflex but the only thing he said was
“Passport please!!”
They asked a few weird questions and said they are going to take us somewhere where we can get a transport to Dahab. They even had a prisoner too behind the locked door..
Well after driving around a while we got some free cola and managed to leave them and took a minibus to main Nuweibaa.
When we jumped out from the car at the crossroads it was like a ghost town. None was there. We saw a bus like 300 meter away from us and started to walk but we realized they got flat tire and trying to fix it.
There were other police mans again and they didn’t let us leave also without taking a minibus/taxi so after a while we were on our way to Dahab again and finally got there around mid day.

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