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The Fushimi Inari sunset photography tour

Massimo and I went for a walk to Fushimi Inari in the afternoon with the plan to take pictures from the sunset. I asked him to start as early as possible since I know him and myself by that time already. We will stop way too many times on the way to take pictures from whatever we see as an interesting subject.

So we did leave the hostel in time and started our walk towards Fushimi Inari. Along the way as I expected the forecast (LOL) we stopped quite a few times at interesting buildings, street cats, street crossings, or basically anywhere where we saw something interesting and really slowly with tortoise-like speed getting closer to the place we wanted to go. I mean slowly, very slowly.

But we indeed did take a lot of nice pictures on the way and I really enjoyed it.

We stopped so many times, in the end, it was really close for the sun to go down behind the mountains when we arrived at Fushimi Inari. We didn’t have much time to capture the sunset.

But still, one of my best photographs from Kyoto was taken during those last moments of the sunset. So what we learned from this? If you are a photographer and the walk takes one hour then leave somewhere three hours before in advance! (haha)

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