Night(mare) train to Croatia

On a sunny Friday after I drove home and prepared my bags I headed to the train station to take a train to Szombathely in Hungary and wait a few hours for my night train to Croatia. When it’s arrived I figured out I’m in the same cabin with 3 Spanish girl which meant to me that I haven’t sleep a single hour on that night during the long ride with many stops on the way.
At the time when we finally arrived to our destination in Split I jumped off the train and bought something to eat for breakfast and I started to walk to my Couchsurfing host’s apartment way up on the hill. He was an Australian guy who lived there for a while.
We had good talks about programming and just like in general.
I spent the day just exploring the city in the whole day. At night when we were cooking dinner, I mentioned that I would like to rent a bike and cycle to Trogir from Split he said that I can use his girlfriend’s bike since she wasn’t there at that weekend. He was really nice.
At the next morning I started to cycle to Trogir. It was really hot already at the morning. The way was nearly fine to Trogir but one km before the city one of the tire came off and I couldn’t fix it or bring it to a repair shop since it was Sunday and everything was closed around there. It was so noisy so I just put down the bike next to the ferry and took a walk around while I found out what time will be the ferry going back. I made sure I’m not going to miss it because I had to catch the train back home that night.
After I finished my exploration in Trogir and took the ferry back to Split I went for a last swim in the sea before I headed back to his apartment but half way my phone battery died. Luckily I had my watch with me still running the map on it so I could find the area where I should go. I almost found it but because at the end I had no idea where the hell I am I started to ask people if they can help me where is the address because I had it on paper thankfully. The 3rd person successfully told me its like 100m away so I rushed back to the right place. I told him what happened with the bike and still he doesn’t let me pay for the fix. He said everything is all right. So I packed my bag and started to run for the train. I was almost out of time.
When I jumped on the train it’s already started to move in next minute before I could even sit down. One more long ride back home.
At the time I arrived to Szombathely and get off from the train in t-shirt and short everyone looked at me like I’m an alien. It was 10 degree and rain. My next train to my hometown was also late by an hour but I got home at least.

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