After all traveling turn you into a storyteller. Never ending stories about failing, dangerous things what you did, meetings with new people, inspiration talks, feelings and so much more.

You would love to tell them everyone but the downside is outside of the friends which ones live for travel none will understand them or just a few of them.

“WOW, that’s so amazing and what about your family? Kids? Do you have a house/car/etc? What about your career?”

They have no idea what are you talking about and just listening and thinking why are you doing “crazy” things but this is fine. Most of the people will judge you for living your dreams because they are afraid to do so, leaving the pointless rat race.

Whatever they say I will do it. I don’t want to die with “what if…?” questions only with one. What if I didn’t made this choice?

Anyway I already know the answer: I don’t care because I lived my life on the way I loved it!

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